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Don Collins® Cigar Cutter & Matches Set

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Set includes:

  • one stainless steel cigar cutter
  • one box of premium long-stick safety matches

Both Don Collins® brand.

Product Guarantee
All products (except coffee) are guaranteed 2 years. Any purchaser who returns damaged products will have the products replaced free of charge. For out-of-state customers, the purchaser will be responsible for all shipping costs, taxes and fees that may apply to the replacement of the cigars. In any case, cigars will be replaced free of charge.

Restrictions on Guarantee
Coffee, Rum and other perishable products have certain restrictions included in the guarantee.

Customers are responsible for returning the complete package of damaged cigars. Management must be notified and returns must be made within 10 days of shipping receipt. Upon receipt of any damaged product, a replacement of equal value will be returned at the Customer’s expense. Customer will be responsible for shipping and handling costs, as well as applicable taxes and fees in his or her state.

See the "Guarantee, Return Policies and Procedures" page.