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Photo of Edward CollinsEdward Collins, President

Photo of Edgar AresEdgar Ares, Sales Manager 

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Edgar has been in the cigar industry for two years and is currently training as a Certified Retail Tobacconist (CRT). A native "San Juanero," he passionately supports all local aspects of the island of Puerto Rico, and serves our traditional and hand-made products with pride. Equally an avid coffee lover, he enjoys balancing the spicy qualities of his favorite Don Collins cigars, Corona Grande & Piramide, with our local coffee cultivated through our small farmer partnership in Adjuntas.

Jarian Rodriguez, Administrator 

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"Jari" of all trades, our Admin from Cupey is a trained barista and coffee enthusiast, and the person you want to chat with about our Cigar & Coffee Clubs. It’s no secret that Don Collins Coffee is her favorite product, and one she enjoys at least twice a day. If you see her with a cigar, more than likely it’s our Isabela-wrapped Quilambo. A truly resourceful member of the team, if you order online or on the phone, you can speak to her for any and all other details.

Carlos Francisco, Sales Representative

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Born and raised in San Juan, “Fran” is the man who knows the best local spots if you’re looking for insider information here in the Old Capitol. You can find him enjoying his Don Collins Churchill with a glass of red wine or an IPA, which are the perfect complements to his favorite cigar.

Gustavo, Sales Representative

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Gus, the youngest member of our team, has acquired a mature taste for the cigars and rum at Don Collins. His favorite combination is a Lonsdale Rum with Coconut flavored Pito Rico on the rocks. You can find him all over San Juan enjoying the tropical life, and at Don Collins ready to serve up samples of our (legal) Puerto Rican moonshine, "con gusto."

Maxine, Sales Representative

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Maxine is a Cigar Aficionada in training, hailing from New York City where she first learned about the Cigar hobby. Formerly the “Staten Island Cigar Girl,” she has come back to her roots in Puerto Rico, where she proudly represents as the “Don Collins Cigar Girl.” You can find her on Instagram smoking her favorite Don Collins Cigar, which lately has been the vanilla aged Lonsdale, but she changes it up, depending on the mood.

Anthony Collins – Manager

Jonathan Collins – Manager

Toni Bonitto – Webmaster